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The Hidden Curriculum in Doctoral Education is available here to order as an ebook or hardcover. A paperback version is coming soon.

An image of the front cover of the book, 'The Hidden Curriculum in Doctoral Education' published by Palgrave.

This book explores the concept of the ‘hidden curriculum’ within doctoral education. It highlights the unofficial channels of genuine learning typically acquired by doctoral students independent of the physical and metaphorical walls of academia. The doctorate is a huge and complex undertaking which requires a range of support beyond academic foundations. The exchange between official and hidden curricula is therefore key, not just for achieving the qualification, but to also achieve transformative growth. This book offers a framework for a ‘doctoral learning ecology model’ to scaffold learning and sustain wellbeing by leveraging both formal and hidden curricula. This illuminating book will be of interest and value to doctoral researchers, supervisors, and mentors.

Published May 10, 2020
ISBN 978-3-030-41496-2